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 Life's Not A Dress Rehearsal

So What Are Your Options?

Have you the frustration of not being in control of the things that sway your life like family, friends, work and so on?   Like you, I've learnt that life's not a straight line and I've got  stuck in jobs, had bosses I didn't respect and even business partners who became disasters!  On the flip side, I have traveled widely, had lots of adventures, a close family and the freedom to be my own boss.

Looking back, I like to think "I did it my way" but when I read magazines like International Living,  a little fear sets in with the realization I don't have time left to do it all and so just try to work a little faster!  Yes, I said work and fear in the same sentence, because directing our own lives takes both.

With the help of others, I want this blog to provide practical ideas, challenges, inspiration and options. Personally, I no longer do sums and view life as Trips Around The Sun and dismiss that Over The Hill garbage!

No apologies for the added bonus of a mix of British and American spellings, expressions, slang etc!

So Jump Aboard and Enjoy!

John Chisholm


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