A Great Investment – Upgrading Our Box

Don’t Miss This Opportunity Of A Lifetime!

No doubt you are familiar with the notion that we “live in a box” In that respect, I’m sometimes described as someone who thinks “outside the box”.  I like to take that as a compliment and this streak of creativity has led to a life story that includes numerous changes in careers and even in country. For better or worse you might say!

So maybe my box just looks different, resembling a shipping container?

No doubt you have already made a diagnosis of the Grass Is Greener Syndrome, but are you able to prescribe the correct treatment?  The reality is that this is quite a complicated disease and if you put your stethoscope a little closer, you may hear something from my experience to suggest an upgrade to your box too.

My revelation stemmed from my move to America as a single person.  Everything of significance in my life such as relationships, humour, sense of belonging, was all left behind in the UK.  The year was 1979 when there was no Skype and telephone calls involved going via the operator for the privilege of talking over an echoing line at great expense!

Over time it dawned on me that the same things worked for me in America as did in the UK .In other words, I had just re-created myself an identical box made from the same materials of things I resist and things I’m comfortable with.

I made an amazing scientific discovery too.  I discovered that both the good and not so good parts of my UK relationships actually radiated 3,000 miles!

So when we dismiss someone as having the Grass Is Greener syndrome are we just trying to remain comfortable? If we do, we miss the opportunity to realise that in order to upgrade our box, we have to work on becoming more self- aware. How to put such awareness into practice is a subject I will explore another time.

It’s something to notice when in everyday conversations we so often define ourselves in terms of career or jobs. Is this a wall to our box that prevents us from giving ourselves permission to live according to our natural intelligences and abilities? Or are we defining ourselves in terms of expectations imposed on us as kids or by the circle of people we associate with?

I think I have upgraded from my shipping container to a much prettier box so in that sense the Grass Is Greener. But thank god for the ‘phone in my pocket and British humour on youtube!