A Little More about this blog.

May I fist explain that you will find a mix of British and American spelling. It most usually relates to the Americans using z instead of s in words such as realise or realize. Not only have I lived in both worlds but we may have other authors from these and other countries.

What Is Meant by Trips Around The Sun?

It’s meant to represent our life as a journey swayed by events, attitudes, environment and so on.  At points in our journey we may get stuck in jobs we hate, have emotional upsets, amazing breakthroughs and dreams that may seem impossible.  I aim to bring inspiration and ideas from real life experiences and to suggest solutions where possible. Another meaning I want to convey is that measuring our position in life by counting years misses the point that life does not have to be age appropriate! So jump aboard and participate in life’s journey around the sun. Thanks! John Chisholm