Are you trying to make money from Affiliate Marketing or just given up?  I fit into both these categories, and I go one step further as I run an Affiliate Marketing program for my own e-commerce business.  But I will be the first to admit that you won’t get rich making $10.50 a sale.

Until I outsourced production to China, my time was taken up with manufacturing and getting away with the stupidity of just selling one product to one customer because of some unique circumstances in my niche.

If I was younger, I would do things quite differently, but I’m the stage where I no longer want to even stick a label on box and now that’s the only thing between me and being able to live the full “digital lifestyle.”

Outsourcing also gave me the time and energy to start looking at affiliate marketing again and to understand why my earlier attempts were failures.  After all, I had the tools of knowing how to build websites, cpc and all the other stuff, so what was I missing?

In trying to figure this out I stumbled upon this 7 Day Video Series that has turned out to a Eureka moment in my life.  Of course I did not immediately jump out of my bath like Archimedes as I was naturally skeptical. But the videos put an end to that.

Yes, I am suggesting this to you as an affiliate, but I guarantee I’m not sending you to one of those tips and techniques “opportunities” you have already seen all over the internet.  I can say this because I’ve been running my own successful on-line business for ten years and been though the meat grinder. So I must have learnt something, right?

You see, techniques are useless unless you have the right business mindset and are prepared to work. This program has also introduced me to a support community that keeps me awake with the excitement and the stimulation of so many ideas. There’s no more dragging myself out of bed in the morning to make, pack, ship, and market products.  I’m getting up earlier just to enjoy the quiet of the morning and to prioritize all the things I want to work on that day!

So that’s just my experience. Check it out for yourself and get a 7 Day Video Series that goes to the heart of our mindset and opens doors to your future options.

Remember, there’s no opportunity without the risk of taking it.

What IS Affiliate Marketing?

Imagine you open restaurant or shop in town, then you’re going to need customers. To do this, you tell your friends, send out flyers, take out ads and so on to get people in.  People are called “traffic” on the internet!

Exactly the same applies to websites. So to get more traffic they may offer Affiliate Programs to which you can apply to become their Affiliate – A sales person.

You are then supplied with different  sales aids but each has your unique link to identify the traffic you send to them by posting it on your own site, blog etc.

When someone clicks on your unique link, the website puts a cookie on their device that stays there for a set period, let’s say 30 days.

Should the customer not take action on the first visit, such as buying a product, but returns ten days later to do so, the cookie remembers you as the original sales person so you still get your commission.