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The corporate ladder is dead!  Thank heavens for that!  Maybe in the past it was a measure of success but in the light of today, I feel it rather reflects a lack of imagination more suited to robots. Maybe there in the design stage right now!

Oh, I nearly forgot, there’s this heaven of retirement offering a full life expectancy for a man in the US of just 17 ½ years. Oh dear, once again that keeps the US in the low rankings by being third to last in developed nations, just ahead of Finland and Portugal.  I know Finland is bloody cold, but Portugal?

Have you ever read “Mating in Captivity” by Esher Perel? I mention it, not just as a cheap way to keep your attention by referring to an exciting peep at the conflict between sex and domesticity, but because I’m guessing that you don’t thrive in a controlled environment either. There’s always a yin and yang to life and the corporate ladder suggests the conflict between wanting success and having to surrender parts of ourselves in the process.

So what am I suggesting? Einstein is quoted as saying that “Only a life lived for others, is worth living.”  I take this to mean that we must bring love into our lives. Indulging in our own creativity is an act of self-love that inspires others. Just like Uber is replacing taxis, the internet is giving us a world on our keyboard into which we can  pour own creativity.

So what’s in it for you?

Our ability to connect has changed everything and that’s what’s in it for you. let’s use this blog as an example.  I write it because I have split my life between the UK and the USA and have traveled extensively and plan to continue for a long as I can.  I have grown to love the planet and the environment.  When I see that someone in Bangladesh has read a few words I have written here, I feel connected and I want to pass on that value to others.

I sometimes receive affiliate commissions for links I put into post for such things as books I have read and recommend. But  it’s always intended to give value to the reader otherwise this blog will fail.

By the way, it doesn’t really matter in which country you live!  I think that’s incredible.  I go to Panama and other Central American countries and have improved my pigeon Spanish enormously with Spanish With Paul. So he’s a Brit, sitting on a beach in Mexico and I’m sending him money from the USA!  By the way, I have no commercial relationship with Paul but this is so much easier than any of the other language courses I’ve tried. You can try it for FREE!

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This is not a rant against corporations so much as a plea to recognize our own unique abilities and find ways to put them into action

You may know the Jesuit saying:  “give me the child until he is seven, and I will give you the man.” I believe they were only engaged in teaching boys at the time it was quoted, but you get the point.

But look at your first grade school report. It might have read:

Nancy works hard but cannot sit still.


Nancy cannot sit still but works hard.

We tend to forget what came before the “but” and really only hear what comes after.  It’s often the small things that give us a label for life.  Perhaps it’s time to dig out your old school reports for maybe you could’ve been a dancer after all.