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“Trips Around the Sun” is a varied collection of ideas and stories about our journey. So I thought I would say a few words about the great interrupter – cancer.

I am currently reading one of the books written by Dr Joe Dispenza. It’s about how out thoughts and body chemistry interconnect. He starts out talking about the behavior of matter and energy on the atomic and subatomic level.

I don’t want to lose you here, so I won’t go into that. I’m not sure I understand much of it myself; so that’s another thing on my “to do” list. But it boils down to mean that everything on earth is a vibrating source of energy at the atomic level.

Someone very close to me has gone through a trying bout of chemo and radiation therapy for breast cancer. Although this is an effective way of treating cancer cells, it’s a treatment, not a cure.

I read a “Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself” by Dr Joe Dispenza. As I understand it, he contends that our thoughts lead to building related electrical connections in our brains. These connections then effect what’s going on in our body chemistry at the molecular level.

Our “feelings”result from this chemical effect, release of hormones and so on. In other words, if we can change our thinking, we can change our feelings too.
If we’re always moaning, we form brain connections that become hard wired. The resulting body chemistry then makes us feel bad or depressed. So with time, this becomes your automatic state of being. That’s like driving a car, but you’re thinking about something quite different.

So when we hear some uplifting motivational speaker, it makes us feel good for a short while. But the negative body chemistry is running on auto, so we end up reverting to the same feelings we had before. You will have to read his books to see what we can do to break this viscous circle.

If our immune system proves to be capable of defeating cancer cells, and our thinking influences the chemistry of our immune system – could our thinking make us more susceptible to cancer in the first place? Or as some maintain, give us the power to prevent or even cure it.

What any of us choose to do if we get a cancer diagnosis is our choice. Yet, I sense a future convergence between conventional and holistic approaches.
Dr D. advocates meditation to re-program the connections between our brain and body chemistry. This change in thinking takes our body chemistry off auto-pilot, adjusting our feelings

Dr Dispenza has an amazing personal story and I have hardly given it justice here. But if I have peaked your interest, he has lots of books and video’s on YouTube and you can go from there.