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Image Credit: Oliver Sjöström, Instagram: @ollivves, Website:


I’ll come right to the point. I have written this to invite you to view this series of videos so that you can decide if you have the attitude suitable to get time and money freedom by working online.

By working online, I’m talking the whole range of options from starting from scratch to expanding your existing business or profession.  Just loving something is a good place to start.

Moving to America from the UK in my early thirties was part of my story of continual career changes made in an effort to find something that really got a hold of me.

I’d been medically discharged from the British Army for deafness at 26, and I couldn’t find an alternative with the same rewards and experiences.

Career changes in the form of moving from one industry to another and working in various management functions all involved commuting, Monday mornings, pay check at the end of the month and limited vacation time. (though better than in the US!) In other words, a routine so many handle with the dream of “retirement”. Or as we might now text, OMG!

Don’t you want your life now?

If you’re reading this because you’re considering a career change, I’m not offering advice. I’m asking how about changing  your lifestyle at the same time?

In my case the time and money to travel resulted from discovering the power of the internet while running my own bricks and mortar business and realizing that I was at the bottom of the food chain when it came to getting paid!

I grew up in the old mail order days when there was a saying that the only way to make money in mail order was to sell books on how to make money by mail order, by mail order! I bought the books however, because I really could see the power and reach of mail order, but somehow the promises eluded me. You might have noticed that the same promises are touted all over the web today, just the label has changed.

But the promise does not have to elude you. Here’s a link to a series of seven videos that explain in great detail what it takes to succeed online and why so many don’t. I never knew this level of mentoring and community support was available and I only managed to succeed because I was fortunate enough to invent a product that almost sold itself. I was however stuck having to make it until I was eventually able to outsource production to China.

After outsourcing, I turned my focus to diversifying my income and having even more time to do things that made me happy. I realized I despite having an understanding of the bits and pieces that are the jigsaw of web marketing, I was not able to connect them to make an image of life I knew to be possible online.

When I came across this video series, I saw this resource as almost an insurance policy for success providing I paid the premium of study and work. Life is what we create and everything we want lies outside our comfort zone.

So don’t wait.  Take my word for it, life is like a toilet roll, the nearer you get to the end, the faster it goes!